DMU Hackers

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We are an Ethical Hacking society at De Montfort University.


As a society we take part in an array of competitions including capture the flag challenges and face-to-face events. We compete as individuals and in teams depending on the event/competition. It's a perfect way to gain experience and knowledge.

Weekly Meetups

We meet weekly to practice and share cyber security skills. It's a great chance to get practical experience, as we cover skills such as web application hacking, lock picking, binary exploitation and reverse engineering. Everything we do is legal.


If you're interested in a career in cyber security, DMU Hackers is a great opportunity to meet people with similar aspirations. Competitions and events will not only provide valuable experience, but are also great for networking and leaving a lasting impression on some of the big players in industry.


Here are some of the resources we have access to.

Dedicated Server

We have our very own Dual Xeon, 24GB memory server to play with. This allows us to host vulnerable virtual machines and capture the flag challenges to let you loose on.

Dedicated Location

The Cyber Security Center at De Montfort kindly trust us to use one of their labs to host DMU Hackers every week. They're keen for us to get people involved.

Like-minded People

It's important to be surrounded by people that have the same interests as you. It gives you an opportunity to share ideas and learn from one and another.

Industry Experts

We organise visits from industry experts to come and give talks to the society; a great way to learn from people with real experience and also network with them too.

Where and when?

DMU Hackers takes place every Thursday at 18:00pm.
It's usually hosted in Gateway House 5.53.
Any changes to this schedule can be found on our social media so make sure you follow us!


The people who make the magic happen.
This is your 2023/2024 DMU Hackers Committee.

Orlin Lyon


Matthew Farmery


Joey Turner


Isabella Boyce-Wythe

Social Secretary

Rory Markham

Health and Safety